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Welcome to, the website that turns novice writers into paid writers and introduces full-time, professional writers to better opportunities. Both businesses and consumers generate a multi-million dollar market for written content. This creates a demand for writers at all levels and with all types of backgrounds. As the internet grows and both individuals and professionals spend more time online, armies of writers produce informational, educational, and entertaining stories, articles, blog posts, press releases, and social media content.

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If you dream of writing a novel or simply using your writing talent to set your own hours and work at home, you have arrived at the right place at exactly the right time! If you’re already an experienced writer, join us to learn ways to earn more money, advance in your career, and enjoy your work more.

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Yes, you can earn money by writing what you want. In fact, you’ll probably prosper faster and enjoy your writing job more if you focus on your own interests. Yes, it’s also possible to earn money writing online by freelancing, publishing your own book, or finding an hourly or salaried writing job. Unlike many other writer’s sites, we don’t promise quick riches but we can help you develop your marketing and writing skills in order to help you reach your own goals. Writers can earn six figures, but unless you’re already a celebrity, you have to know that it’s rare to start out that way.

Do you have what it takes to earn money writing? Most writers love to read and write. They also commit to developing their skills in order to build their own confidence and advance in their career.  The quickest way to get started is by freelancing for clients who need content for their websites, social networking pages, and blogs. Beyond authoring for others, we can also help you learn how to rapidly publish your own book, start a blog on your favorite topic, and even write news and press releases. Actually, once you decide to become a paid writer, the most difficult thing is deciding which market to focus on.

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New Writers

New and prospective writers can learn about dozens of different ways to live their dream of earning money by writing. Some of these writing income sources are so easy to break into that you’ll wonder why you never knew about them before.

Professional Writers & Authors

Experienced writers have an advantage because they’ve already learned to generate income, developed their writing skills, and gained confidence. However, there are few writers who can’t use help maximizing their income and developing new income streams.

Why Write for Money?

If you love to write, you might as well get paid for it. The writer’s life isn’t for everybody, but we’re betting you already know it’s the life for you!