Who is the Average Online Writer?

Statistics About Freelance Writers

It saddens us, but one of the biggest obstacles to a paid writing career seems to be a lack of confidence. While many of our visitors tell us that they love to write, they fear they don’t have the skills or education to work professionally. When we hear from people who haven’t had a lot of education or simply haven’t refreshed their basic grammar skills for many years, we do encourage them to sharpen their skills.

In fact, one of the first sections in our free eBook about the writing market is a set of resources that can help budding authors bring their skills up to speed. The good news is that these resources have been neatly arranged to help solve these writing problems within hours. Simply head for the home page to get your free copy of “6 Quick Ways to Earn Money as an Internet Writer.

The Profile of an Average Writer

You might need a bit of encouragement, and we believe that these statistics about freelance writers can help ease your mind. What you’ll find is that many professional producers of written content are very much like you. Let’s look at some highlights:

  • Just about two out of three freelancer writers are female.
  • Most writers do write part time, but a substantial minority have full-time writing jobs or businesses.
  • Most writers began their career as a part-time job because they needed to earn some extra money and not because they had initially chosen a career as a writer.
  • While most writers have at least an associate’s degree, and many have bachelor’s and even advanced degrees, a sizable minority have only attended high school but were willing to take some time to educate themselves about grammar and writing styles.
  • Many writers hoped to find flexible work, but others just wanted to lose ther desk job, boss, and restrictive schedule.

Freelance Writer Survey from 2015

Free Lance Writing Gigs is one popular and established website for writers. They conducted an interesting survey of their members. That’s where we got the numbers cited above. To help you learn more about the type of people who decide to earn money with their skills as a writer, we include the entire infographic below. This graphic contains many interesting statistics about freelance writers. It’s likely that you’ll recognize something of yourself.

Thans, Freelancewritinggigs.com for this graphic.

Freelance writing statistics 2015


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