How to Make a Living by Blogging for Pay

Can You Make Your Living by Blogging for Pay?

If you decide to begin or enhance your writing career, you might not want to overlook the benefits of blogging for pay. Of course, you can enjoy an income from your work. Beyond getting paid for blogging, you should also get additional exposure by getting your byline on high-traffic blogs and websites. Typically, these sites also promote themselves on social media, and you can use this publicity to gain more publicity for your own sites and blogs.

Three Steps to Become a Paid Blogger

What do you need to get started in your paid blogging adventure? These steps should take you pretty far:

  • Create your own online platform with a writing website and social media pages.
  • Make a list of paying blogs that you would like to write for. This could help you get started: “100 Blogs That Pay at Least $100.
  • Connect with those paid blogs on social media and via email with your pitches for work.

Those three steps make everything look pretty simple. Actually, the process is simple. However, each step consists of a considerable amount of work. However, once you get everything set up, you should find that it gets easier and easier to attract work.

Your Own Paid Blogging Platform

You can use a free blogging system like or to create your own blog pretty quickly. In the long run, you’ll probably be happier with your own hosted website, but if you don’t know how to create that, it’s better to begin with a free blogging system than not to start at all. It’s also simple enough to create social networking pages on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but the process of gaining some traction and connecting with the right people takes time.

Lists of Paying Blogs

Some blogs may only pay $10 to $25 a post. You’d have to write a lot of posts to earn an income. Some blogs pay $300 to $500 or more. The reality is that you might have to work your way up to those higher levels. While your goal should be to minimize your effort, you might have to get started by accepting some lower paying work to begin. At least, you can gain some income to offset your costs and gain a portfolio of published samples to show to other clients.

The great thing is that you can just use Google to find lists of paid blogs. You might want to start with a Google search for lists of blogs that pay or something like that! If you prefer to write in a particular niche, go ahead and refine your search. With millions of sites on the internet, you can find a platform for your particular expertise.

Connect With Blogs That Pay

Once you find the sites that appeal to you because of the pay and topics, you can also look for them on social media to make a connection. Go ahead and comment and share their posts. You might also add helpful and relevant comments on previous articles that they have already published. If you get noticed in a positive way, your pitches are more likely to get accepted on a popular site.

Gain Exposure and Income With Paying Blogs

Paid blogging can be very lucrative. Most professional writers value the exposure as much as they income. The process of finding those first paid blogging jobs can be a bit of a drudge. Once you gain momentum, you should find that clients begin asking you to work with them. In the writing business, exposure and momentum make everything easier, but it can be hard to get started.

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