Using LinkedIn to Find Writing Clients

How to Grow Your Writing Business With LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the largest B2B social networking site, has served as a honey pot for smart writers and other freelancers for years now. Just recently, they actually got into the freelancing business in a big way with LinkedIn Profinder. While freelancers start to test out the writing and editing market on Profounder, experienced writers know that the main website offers plenty of opportunities to find writing clients.

These are some things to know about LinkedIn:

  1. Out of surveyed recruiters, 94 percent said they used LinkedIn to check out job candidates.
  2. In the same survey, almost half of these recruiters say that they only use LinkedIn for employment-related social outreach.
  3. Linked in boosts of a worldwide membership base of well over four million people.

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find Writing Clients

Nobody says that social marketing is always easy, but it can be very effective. These three tips can help you find writing clients on LinkedIn. Our members get access to updated tips abut the best ways that writers use social media to find new clients. Even better, we offer free memberships.

I. Make Your Profile Great Again!

Of course, you need to register for an account, connect with other members that you might know, and create a profile. To make good use of this B2B social site, you need to concentrate on crafting a focused profiles. In fact, the best ones use the header and intro to create a call to action towards your services.

If you’ve registered for LinkedIn and used it casually in the past, it’s time to take a good look at your profile and make sure that it’s the type of page that reflects well on you as a writer and motivates clients to take action.

II. Present Yourself as a Credible and Valuable Community Member

The best way to make more connections and generate more interest in your freelance writing business is to participate in relevant groups. LinkedIn Groups create small communities with message boards that are dedicated to the topic of the group. LinkedIn hosts over 2 million groups. Of course, you don’t need millions of communities.

You just need to participate in a few active groups where your potential customers also participate and read posts. You might answer questions and post topics. If you’ve published a relevant post to your website or blog, LinkedIn communities offer a great place to promote it. If your post gets active, lots of people will see it and check out the writing services that you offer.

III. Try the Job Boards for Writing Jobs 

LinkedIn also has job boards. These job boards actually have plenty of writing projects listed on them. It’s easier to find jobs from clients who are actually looking for writing or editing talent, and these listings have borne fruit for more than one writer. According to Forbes, the site has over six million jobs listed. No, these aren’t all writing jobs, but plenty of them are. You don’t need six million writing jobs; you just need the right ones.

With LinkedIn, it’s Who You Know and Who You Can Meet

If you take the time to craft a professional and effective profile, your efforts in the groups and job boards are bound to pay off. Over time, you’ll see that your number of connection and communication requests will grow. The more people you know, the better you’ll do.



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