Constant Content Review: Succeeding as a Writer on Constant Content in 2016

Is Constant Content a Good Writing Site?

Constant Content is an example of what some people call a writing mill. Because it’s possible to earn a comparatively decent rate/word and the site has both projects and spec articles, it usually makes the cut for writers with some experience and selectivity. Also, Constant Content, often referred to as just CC, has a good reputation for paying on time. While most full-time writers can’t rely upon Constant Content or any writing mill exclusively, it’s commonly used as a backup income source and a decent starting place for writers who are interested in exploring the freelance writing business.

How to Get Started With Constant Content

This is a quick guide to getting started:

Once you get accepted, you’ll also have a chance to create a profile. Be sure and craft this with your ideal customers in mind because clients will look at it and use it to decide if they should hire you or not. This may not be as important at first, and you’ll probably end up changing things along the way, but your CC profile is key to advancing in your career at this site.

How Does Constant Content Work?

There are a few basic ways to write for this content site:

  • Spec articles: Basically, you can write whatever you like, within the guidelines, and put your pieces for sale on the marketplace. You can also set your own price. Constant Constant has a pricing guide, and you can also see what other writers charge to get an idea of what you might charge.
  • Writing pools: Constant Content also has teams with projects from their own clients. Getting included in these pools can provide a steady and more reliable source of work and income, but you generally have to start working with some spec articles to get considered for writing pools.
  • Direct orders: If clients want you to write for them, they may send an order directly to you. Again, you probably have to begin your CC adventure by uploading some spec articles to serve as samples and to attract clients and the CC editors.

When you decide to upload spec articles, it might help to begin with one of the profile topics. There are dozens of these, so you should find some of interest. You have to have a half dozen or so articles approved in one niche in order to get that topic highlighted on your profile, so it’s a good idea to focus on this goal when you begin.

You might also consider only uploading one article in the beginning to make sure you understand the editing guidelines. You don’t want to get several revisions sent back from the editors. After you get comfortable with the guidelines, you can upload as many articles as you like. It might help to stagger your submissions to increase your time on the list of new articles. This list provides exposure and tends to lead to sales.

Constant Content Commission and Editing

Keep in mind that Constant Content takes 35 percent of your sales as a commission. For example, if you charge .10/word, you’ll end up with 6.5 a word. This is slightly higher than some other writing sites, but it includes editing for every article. If editors find problems with your article, they will send it back. If they find too many errors in too many articles, they might even suspend you. That’s why it’s a good idea to read the writer guidelines and start slowly to make sure you have a good grasp of basic grammar and style before you start writing for Constant Content.

Also, editors assign writer ratings after you get a few articles accepted and have your profile started. With this site, a lower number actually means a higher rating. For example, a “1” is the best, and a “4” is the lowest rating. From our experience, if you don’t rate at least a “2,” you aren’t likely to get asked to better writing pools (teams), so try to start writing at Constant Content with your best writing.

Do Spec Articles at Constant Content Sell?

Most writers say that almost everything sells eventually. It could be a matter of days, weeks, or months. With the pools and direct orders, you have a much better chance of selling your work quickly because you are writing for client requests.

The site does provide lists of recent sales and popular search terms. You can use those to try to increase your chances of selling faster, or you can just write in your own area of expertise. It helps to have a portfolio of a few articles within a topic or related topics because the same client who bought one article may be interested in other articles. It always seems that sales increase after new articles get uploaded, so it’s helpful to be consistent. New articles do get features, and this means that your author ID gets more exposure.

There’s no guarantee that everything on CC will sell, but in our experience, the more you do — the better you’ll do! Again, most writers consider Constant Content one of the better content mills. It offers plenty of variety too, so you’re not likely to get bored with only one type of writing or topic.

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