Make Your Own Coloring Book for Fun and Profit

Use Free Tools to Make Your Own Coloring Book

Surely, you’ve heard about the booming popularity of coloring books. Sure, some coloring books are for kids. However, they have also become popular with sophisticated artists and as a tool to help people relax and meditate. Some adult coloring books are intended to help people relax, show off their painting and pencil skills, or even just to amuse. You can make and publish your own coloring book for fun or even to earn money. In this article, we’ll show you how to create and publish your coloring book for free.

Creating Coloring Book Images From Photos

It’s easiest to start with photos that have fairly simple lines. You can take your own photos or check out some resources with public domain photos that are free and open to use. Of course, you can also buy stock images on any number of stock photo sites, but the theme of this piece is creating your coloring book for free.

Upload your photo to to turn them into black and white images that you can use for coloring. Google offers this service for free, but you do need a Google ID. These are the basic steps to turn a photo into a coloring book image:

  • Use Create-> Effects-> Pencil Sketch to turn your picture into a black and white image.
  • Once you have created your “pencil sketch,” you will see some slider bars that you can use to tune your image.
  • You can use another tool, “Exposure,” to remove gray shadows from your image if you choose. Just slide the bar all the way to the right.
  • Try printing your image out to make sure it is the right size and has the appearance you desire.
  • Save you finished image to your computer as a graphics file in order to work with it later.

That’s it! You have now created a free coloring page.

Publish Your Coloring Books

You’ll be happy to learn that putting your images into a publishable coloring book that you can use or even sell is as easy and free as making the images. Two platforms that people use to make coloring books are and Both sites have excellent tutorials that will walk you through the steps to upload your finished document.With Createspace, you can upload the entire document as a Word file, but you’ll have to read the help files there to make sure you’ve formatted it right.

Of course, your first step is probably to open up your favorite word processor and create your book. You can use Microsoft Word, but if you don’t have that, you can also use Google Docs for free. With Google Docs, you can add your photos and add text to your document. When you finish, you can save the document to a Word or .PDF file, depending upon the requirements. Go ahead and print this document out to make sure it’s right. Of course, you might want to print out a few copies to use or give away for fun.

Your Coloring Book Needs a Cover

The last step may be to create a cover. One idea is to simply print and color one of your favorite images and use that for a cover. Of course, you’ll also need a title and author name. Go ahead and look at some existing coloring books to see what they’ve done. Don’t copy — just get inspired. Now you’re well on your way to becoming a coloring book tycoon.

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